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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interview With A Vampire (Lover) #1

As Little T pointed out to me today, only one more month until the New Moon movie comes out!!! In order to ramp ourselves up for the big evening, Adventures in Twilightland will be featuring interviews with some of the lovely ladies who will be joining Big T and Little T for the midnight screening.

First up is NK. How can I describe her... emotionally strong, fiercely loyal, hilarious when the mood strikes her, devoted to her family, and most importantly - a Twilight fan.

How do you want to be mentioned in the interview?
(We gave her a few options and she picked the best one, of course)
Naturally Edward's true love...but isn't just about everyone?

Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or have room in your heart for both? I'll have to stand by my man!!!

What do you like about the Twilight Saga?
The romance

Bigger fan of the books or the movie? Why?
Book, more details, leaves a lot of room for the imagination!!

Why are you going to the midnight showing versus staying in your comfy bed?
Bonding with my girlfriends!!

Best vampire trait (in your opinion) and which Cullen family member do you relate to the most?
I do like the idea of having incredible strength and ability to know what's coming down the pike...I think I switch between characters.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More summer fun: Edward's Birthday Bonanza!

On June 20, 1901, our beloved Edward Cullen was born. In honor of his 108th year on Earth, the Adventures in Twilightland gang threw him a birthday bash.

The evening started off with a potluck dinner served beneath a tent decked out in twinkle lights ala the gazebo at prom. All foods brought to the potluck had to have been mentioned somewhere in the Twilight Saga books. Goodies included pizza, lemonade, popcorn, and enchiladas. As you can see below, Edward especially enjoyed the spicy Mexican dish.

As regular readers of this blog know, Edward enjoys an adult beverage or two when he parties, so we made him bartender for the evening. He was over-the-moon filling all sorts of drink orders and allowing us to sample a few concoctions that he has created over the years.
Mint mojitos, anyone?

After all of the party-goers had their fill of dinner, Edward was presented with his birthday cake. He was concerned 108 candles would create a fire hazard and suggested we use just one. Notice the cake is Key lime, one of his favorites. He says it reminds him of the time he briefly lived in Florida during the 1980s. Apparently Edward worked the night shift at Disney World in the ride maintenance department until someone caught him snacking on the animals.

The rest of the evening was filled with talk and laughter. Edward recalled many adventures that happened over his 108 years, though he made us blush by saying all of his best memories occurred after meeting the Twilightland folks. Edward, the feeling is completely mutual.

Edward proving that he truly does prefer brunettes!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another summer adventure : Lollapalooza 2009

All of us are very aware that Edward is music lover. Not only is he an accomplished pianist, Edward also has quite the singing voice. His musical preferences run the gamut from classical to swing to pop, but even Big T was surprised when Edward requested to tag-along with her to Lollapalooza.

For those of you who don't know, Lollapalooza (or Lolla) is a 3 day music extravaganza in Chicago. Scores of bands perform rap, hip-hop, alternative, and rock music for thousands of fans at stages set-up throughout Grant Park. It tends to be sweltering hot, but the bands that perform make standing in the heat worth the temporary discomfort.

Anyway, Edward was very excited as the day began with an air-conditioned train ride to Chicago. Of course he kept suggesting running all the way as the heat and distance has no effect on him, yet in the end he settled for the train with Big T so he could people watch. She had warned him that people from all walks of life would be converging in Chicago to go to Lolla and he had to witness the phenomenon for himself. He was not disappointed. Teenagers, adults, small children, and even a smattering of senior citizens got aboard the train so they could go party in the park.
After trekking from the train depot to Grant Park, the musical extravaganza could begin! Both Big T and Edward were searched for weapons and other contraband upon entering the gates. Silly people, guns and knives are nothing compared to a vampire's teeth and speed. They then immediately headed off to stake out seats (no pun intended) for the band Vampire Weekend. Those fellas sound great live and had the concert-goers singing along in no time. They even dedicated a song to the memory of John Hughes. Interesting side note: Edward's favorite John Hughes movie is Ferris Bueller.

Next stop was Green Street, an area of the park solely dedicated to environmental information, shopping, and displays. It was a smaller area than in the past, but still had plenty of booths for people to check out. Edward is looking at trading in his Volvo for a hybrid, so he and Big T made sure to look at any information that had to do with emissions and electric versus diesel cars.

After getting their fill of earthy-goodness, Edward dragged Big T off to watch one of his favorite musical artists -Snoop Dogg. The only word one could use to describe Snoop is smooth. Big T asked if he was a vampire, but Edward assured her Snoop is just naturally charismatic, like Jasper. Big T got a giggle when Snoop shouted out props to the hearing impaired interpreters because they even signed his swear words.

The mellow sounds of rap gave way to the Silversun Pickups and then to The Killers. Both excellent bands who had Edward dancing. Especially when The Killers started playing Read My Mind. Goofy vampire.

Since she was exhausted from the day of sun and fun, Edward let Big T ride on his back as he ran to the train station. The ride home was a bit dicey at first due to some drunk teens arguing over which Chicago suburb is cooler, but Edward was quickly able to squelch the squabble. Seriously, this was a real argument on the train, people.

Big T said Edward is a great concert buddy and she would take him again any time, except to a Snoop Dogg show. Seems Edward has been playing Snoop non-stop since he saw him live. Big T should just be thankful it wasn't a Vanilla Ice concert...

Self-portrait during The Killers set.

Rocking out to the Silversun Pickups.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Edward would like to wish Adventures in Twilightland fan Ling Ling a very happy birthday!