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Monday, October 11, 2010

There is a Twilight point to this post

Some readers out there have solely dedicated their love to Twilight. Myself, I am able to spread my devotion among many franchises. And that brings me to Star Wars.

Most people have seen at least one of the Star Wars flicks by now and you all know that Darth Vader is Luke's dad, right? No? Ooops, my bad!

Anyway, those movies have been digitalized, refurbished, re-released, reupholstered and everything else you can do to a movie short of re-shooting it. My question is - why? To make it a better experience for the fans or to get more moola from the truly devoted?

This does have a Twilight connection, just let me get there. I was watching Twilight last night and thought about the HUGE advancements from the first movie to the third. And considering the crew of cinematic geniuses that will be contributing to Breaking Dawn, these movies are going to seem completely unconnected.

I just wonder how many years it will take before they remake Twilight. Or they do some other fancy-pants effects to the movie and we all are expected to go purchase a new DVD copy.

Most of us fell in love with the original and are ok with the hokeyness of Edward's "Hold on tight, spider monkey." But when will the big wigs decide that it would be fantastic to see Rosalie break the salad bowl in 3-D or maybe today's teens can't relate to Kristin Stewart's Bella and they need to update it with rapping and more teen angst?

It could end well, but I fear for my Edward.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some news from Bill Condon

My computer is being all wonky, so I can't put Bill Condon's letter to Twi-fans on this blog entry. When you have a few minutes, take a gander at his Facebook note to find out about the amazing team he has gathered to bring Breaking Dawn to the big screen.

Not sure who Bill Condon is? He will be directing the last chapter of the Twilight Saga.


Check out the Denali Clan

Hello, friends -
I am too lazy to track down new photos and descriptions of all the actors/actresses that will comprise the Denali Clan in Breaking Dawn. You should just click on the link below to check out their names and pics over at Twicrack Addict.


I think that they should switch the actresses who are playing Irina and Tanya, but overall, they seem to be good choices.

Say it with me... Awwwww!

Dear Cam Gigandet,
You are already a handsome fella, but when your looks are combined with a leather jacket, shades, and your baby daughter, your hotness should be considered illegal.
Adventures in Twilightland
PS: Way to be an involved parent!
In case you can't remember, he played ill-fated James in Twilight.