Adventures in Twilightland
First, we want you all to know that we realize there is more to life than Twilight. We don't spend every waking moment talking and thinking about Twilight, but it is near and dear to our hearts.
Within this blog you will find our Twilight musings, declarations of adoration, and all sorts of other silly Twilight-related nonsense. And to all you other Twilight fans, we'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Preferred Blood Type

Question: What type of vampire fan are you?

Are you a vampire snob, who only believes in one type of vampire and thinks all other versions of bloodsuckers are a mockery of your one true love? You know, you don't consider a vampire "real" unless it conforms to Stephenie Meyer's, Ann Rice's, Joss Whedon's, (insert another writer/movie director/tv show producer's name here), idea of vampire lore.

Do you embrace all types of vampires, regardless of the way they are presented? You are cool with vampires sparkling. You don't mind when they cower in fear when faced with a garlic wreath. You are ok with vamps morphing into a bat. In fact, you are the person who loves vampires so much, you will read or watch anything that merely has the word vampire in it.

Or are you somewhere in the middle? You are ok with differing vampire viewpoints, but are a little more discerning when it comes to selecting vampire-themed books and movies to satisfy your jones for creatures of the night.

Myself, I walk the middle of the road. I love to read and watch all sorts of vampire-based stories, but I have limits.

The reason I ask is that I am looking for my next quality fix. While "Eclipse" is being released this coming up weekend and will keep me occupied for a couple of weeks (and I have decided not to attend a midnight release party - no money and the lameness factor of the "New Moon" party), I know that I will be looking out for my next helping of vampire folklore soon enough.

So, send me your suggestions for my vampire reading/viewing pleasure!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I'm sure you lovelies have heard that "Eclipse" is being released on DVD on December 4, yes?

Now I can spend my winter break watching Edward get all growly and territorial when Victoria tries to attack Bella. Though in my mind's eye Edward will be protecting me, not Bella. Victoria can suck on Bella's bony little neck all she wants.

While I am excited about the upcoming DVD release, I'm not sure if I will be participating in the usual pre-release celebrations that Borders offers. Little T and I enjoyed the festivities for "Twilight", but last year's party for "New Moon" was a snooze-fest. Lucky for us, our friend Nancy had come along and provided some entertainment as we waited for the stroke of midnight to snatch up our DVDs.

This DVD release party might be stellar, better than the first one we attended. Or it could suck, and not in the vampire way.

Do I go to Borders again, find a new midnight release venue, or stay home and buy the movie during daylight hours?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Colder than a well-digger's bum

I live in Wisconsin, you know, that place that is sometimes referred to as "the frozen tundra". Granted, not all areas of the land of cheese, beer, and brats are created equally. Living next to the lake and in the southeastern-most corner of the state has an advantage of being about 5 degrees warmer than "up north" throughout most of the winter.

That being said, I don't think I'd want to snuggle up with a handsome piece of vampire man-meat every night during the long winter months. Sounds crazy, I know. But electric blankets cost money, people, as do the electricity bills that would occur from me cranking that blanket to high night after night so my undead stud-muffin can sing me to sleep.

Plus, having to wear 7 layers of clothing to bed, plus the obligatory hat, gloves, scarf, and face mask doesn't really bode well for snuggling.

I'd either have to find a rich vampire (hello, Edward) or move to a warmer climate (which is just about anywhere else in the U.S., except for Minnesota).

I hear Texas is nice this time of year...