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First, we want you all to know that we realize there is more to life than Twilight. We don't spend every waking moment talking and thinking about Twilight, but it is near and dear to our hearts.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Interview with a Vampire (Lover) #2

Another Twilight fanatic friend of ours has graciously agreed to take part in a pre-New Moon interview. Erin is the mother of a pretty cool 10 year son who we won't name here because he is not a fan of Twilight. She did a lot of things right with that kid, but for her to raise a boy with no admiration of Edward... unfathomable. Erin is a great lady, not only because she shares an obsession with us, but because she is compassionate, can joke around with people, and perseveres.

Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or have room in your heart for both? Humm..that's a hard one. On one hand, who doesn't LOVE Edward? After all, I'm a sucker for great facial structure and cheek bones...but I can't deny the fact that Jacob never left Bella-and I think that kind of commitment is rare. But, in the end, I'm a sucker (no pun intended) for a bad boy, and I have to go with Edward...

What do you like about the Twilight Saga? I really enjoyed this book series. I like that I got obsessed about reading-I was actually attached to the series for a week.

Bigger fan of the books or the movie? Why? The books-no brainer! Book are always better than the movie!

Is there a particular scene from the New Moon book that you are hoping to see in the movie? I am excited to see how they portray the scenes in Italy and with the Volturi.

Why are you going to the midnight showing versus staying in your comfy bed? Another no brainer-I will be forgoing my comfy bed to see the movie first.

Describe the perfect day with Edward or Jacob (pick your favorite man). (he, he, he...Edward..sigh) I'd have to say something dangerous..but then, isn't just being with Edward dangerous?

est vampire trait (in your opinion) and which Cullen family member do you relate to the most? Why? According to the facebook quizzes, I am most like Edward...but I don't think I have the brooding, dangerous look...I'd have to say Alice, because I'm always trying to control the future...and if I was Alice, I'd already know it...