Adventures in Twilightland
First, we want you all to know that we realize there is more to life than Twilight. We don't spend every waking moment talking and thinking about Twilight, but it is near and dear to our hearts.
Within this blog you will find our Twilight musings, declarations of adoration, and all sorts of other silly Twilight-related nonsense. And to all you other Twilight fans, we'd love to hear from you.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Would if I could

I am merely entertaining these ideas because:
1: The sister I am referring to reads this blog though she is no fan of Twilight - weirdo. Not for reading the blog, but because she doesn't like the Twidom.
2. I am tired of studying and taking a brain break.
3. My mother would KILL Little T and I. Even Edward would not be able to save us from her fury.

One of our sisters is getting married come August, I think. The card is on the fridge and I am much too lazy to go look. No, I'm right because I have to take a day off from my weekend job to attend. Anyway... this sister has made Twilight verboten at the wedding. I am sad, but am forced to respect her wishes. I think she is worried Edward will be prettier than her, but then again, he is prettier than everyone, so really, it is a moot point.

If I were completely evil - hypothetical, not going to really happen - these are the things I would do to sneak Twilight into the wedding.

1. Replace the cake topper with Edward and Bella action figures.
2. Wrap my wedding gift in pages from "Breaking Dawn."
3. Have the d.j. play the entire soundtrack from "Twilight", "New Moon", and "Eclipse" at the reception. Note to self: May still attempt this one.
4. Sneak an Edward cardboard cut-out into the reception (I do have some giant purses...) and follow the photographer around to photo bomb as many pictures as possible.
5. Bribe anyone who is going to give a toast at the reception so they use random quotes from the book series in their speech. Extra money to the individual who uses one of my favorite phrases from the movie - ask Little T. She knows.

One last time - I WON'T REALLY DO THESE. But I am looking for more ideas, just in case...

We can all breath now

It is official - Ashley and Kellan WILL be in "Breaking Dawn"!

Things were squared away this week and I can now put my pitchfork and torch away since I will no longer need to lead the angry mob of Twilighters in a crusade for Summit executive heads. Darn.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This could be disasterous

Stop everything, people! Have you heard what Summit may be doing? The chatter in the caf is that Kellan Lutz and Ashley Green will not be in anymore Twilight movies after "Eclipse".

Why, you ask? Kellan and Ashley are asking for some more moola to be in "Breaking Dawn" seeing as Summit is making heaps 'o' dough off the Twilight Saga flicks. Summit has supposedly offered them a "very generous sum" and feels that the actors are being greedy. There is serious talk of them dumping the two actors to "make an example" and show the other cast and crew members that Summit doesn't mess around.

I am so hoping that this is false, but several Twilight fandom bloggers have been doing mega research in regard to this rumor and all signs point to this being true.

Summit, I will still see the movie, but I am not going to accept someone else playing Emmett or Alice. It's bad enough what you did to Victoria (whenever I see the new Victoria in the movie trailers I cringe), but to take away Kellan and Ashley would be a HUGE mistake.

Heck, think of the merchandising issues they'd have! This could very well end up being Summit's biggest mistake.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Purse

Here is the hot bag, minus the crap. Doesn't he seem to almost be sparkling in the sun?
When I opened this at work and showed Little T, she promptly took it and started snuggling Edward against her face and declared she wanted to take a nap with him. Another Twilight crazy coworker admired his dazzling beauty for a few moments and then pressed him into her bosom. Twice.
I can't blame them, really. Those golden eyes just make you want to do crazy things.
- Big T

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hot bag of crap

It has been confirmed on several occasions that I am a geek. Though I am not a supreme grandmaster of superheroes, I can hold my own fairly well. Same with Star Wars. Buffy and Twilight - don't make me bust out the kung-fu on you because I will totally pwn you, fool.

Another example of my geekitude is the fact that in the summer I work at the local renaissance faire. Costume and all, baby. I don't really like being a patron, except for the food and fire whip performer (hello, gorgeous!), but I love interacting with the customers and work for a really cool chick. And today her coolness points skyrocketed.

There was a package on the counter at work today. Since I haven't ordered anything lately, I didn't think there was a snowball's chance in hell that it would be for me - but I was wrong! Tucked inside the package was a card and a purse.

I flipped the purse over and Edward's eyes peered up at me. I started laughing so much I teared up and opened the card. My ren boss (and friend) had written: "Here's a hot bag full of crap."
Curious, I open the bag and inside is a piece of soap shaped like crap. Literal crap.

Cherie, you are so flippin' awesome!!!

I will be posting a photo of my beloved Edward purse soon, if someone can pry it out of my hands long enough to take a pic.

-Big T

Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome, Newbie!

Big T's friend from high school, Ming, just stumbled into the world of Twilight. In order to welcome her into this glorious land filled with teen angst, sparkles, and good looking vampires, we've decided to interview this new convert.

Why did you start reading the Twilight Series?
My sister gave me Twilight to try out and I was hooked! (Note from Big T: I've always thought your sister had excellent taste.)

What book are you currently reading?

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Edward! Jacob is too "unstable", as Edward likes to call it, for me right now, haha.

If you could be any character from the series, who would you like to be and why?
Alice - she sounds super cute and happy, plus she can see into the future - how fantastic.

Have you seen the movies? If yes, did you like them? How do you feel they compared to the books? If not, how come?
Nope, haven't seen the movies yet. I think seeing teens on screen would take away from the stories. Somehow I can relate to the stories, even though I'm almost 31! Also, I don't particularly care for the actors who play the characters. (Another note from Big T: I sincerely hope you are not referring to our beloved Rob Pattinson or Taylor Lautner. If so, you may be receiving dog doo in the mail.)

How immersed in the Twilight community have you become? Talking to strangers about the series when you notice Twilight gear, reading blogs, writing your own blog, owning action figures, wearing shirts, etc.
I haven't become that immersed in the Twilight community, but I think I'm going to be content just reading the books. I'm not big on paraphernalia. (Yet another note from Big T: Ming, Ming, Ming - once you are a member of the Twilight fandom long enough, the paraphernalia just starts to appear around you. Prepare to be assimilated. )

Would you ever want to visit Forks, Washington to see all the real locations?

What is your favorite part about the series so far? Least favorite?
Favorite part - when Edward and Bella are getting to know each other in Twilight. He's so sweet to her. Least favorite - Every time Bella does something reckless. She can be so annoying. Jeez, if I were Edward or Jacob, I would get so tired of rescuing her all the time!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Ming! We are utterly delighted that you joined us over here in Twilightland!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello, Salty Goodness!

I am sure Little T will soon be welcoming the newest Edward cutout into her family of cardboard people. Heck, I may even have to get one of these for my very own.