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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to date a vampire

<a href="" target="_new" title="How to Date a Vampire">Video: How to Date a Vampire</a>

A few links for your viewing pleasure

Want some delicious Eclipse trailers and spoilers? Click below and enjoy!

MyTwilife - seven Eclipse trailers rolled into one bite-sized viewing.
ROBsessed - general Rob Pattinson yumminess with Eclipse stills, trailers, sets pics, and such.
It's worth checking out the whole sight. The recent photos of him with those big
blue eyes are sigh-as-you-melt-in-your-chair worthy. I can't resist, I'm posting one here!

I believe this pic and a few others will be in a GQ spread. Not certain, but if you really want to know, you can do the sleuthing.

TwiCrack Addict - lots of fun Eclipse stuff with behind the scenes photos, like this one.

Who is your lady friend , Nikki? She's got some cute hair.
Jackson!?!? Sorry man, I didn't recognize you there...

You usually look more, um, like this -

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silly, silly merchandisers

Raise your hand if you have noticed that with each new Twilight Saga movie released, there is a glut of new merchandise available. Now raise your hand if you noticed that there are more and more items being sold under the Twilight name that have NOTHING to do with the movie and/or book. I count more than five hands in the air, so that is a majority of our readers.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why they allow people who have no interest in the saga to create products to be sold to the masses. Granted, some of us will drool over just about anything that has Edward's pretty, pretty face on it (case in point, the purse), however, most of us aren't going to buy something just because it has the words "Twilight" in the product name.

Due to the astronomical number of merchandising items available to us, I am only going with clothing for this post. In my opinion, the biggest offender of trying to con the masses is Nordstrom's.

Look at this stuff, people. All from the Nordstrom's "Twilight" line of apparel. Besides featuring black, white, and red, prominent colors appearing on the covers of the books, there is not an iota of vampire or wolfy goodness in any of these clothes. Maybe some of the characters wear similar outfits in the movies, but even that is a stretch.

Especially those denim leggings - gak!

I'm just glad at least Hot Topic understands the concept of linking the theme with the product.

Team Switzerland, for when you feel the love for fire and ice!

Is anyone else glad that Boo Boo Stewart kid who is playing Seth Clearwater isn't featured on this shirt? He looks like a toddler compared to these guys (and gal) and kind of reminds me of Justin Beiber.

Would this be too creepy?

I bought a new book last night about casting with resin and how to make my own silicone molds in case I ever decide to get my butt in gear and resume the garden decoration business I used to run with my friend. He was the sculptor and mold maker, so I am trying to learn all the ins and outs of making mother molds.

Anyhoo, as with everything these days, my mind thought of Twilighty possibilities. The book was very explicit as to how to create easy molds and I thought, "What if I take an Edward action figure, rip off his head, and create tiny Edward face necklaces!"

Most of you are probably seething with rage that I would dare defile an Edward action figure, but think of the greater good, people! You could wear Edward on your neck, ears, or hands and not have people ask you why you have a full-size plastic doll tied to your waist.

Here is an example of something kinda, sorta similar to what I am thinking of doing.

Ken necklace created by Margeux Lange

So, would little Edward face necklaces be too out there fellow Twilighters?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Someone call Great Clips

As I sit here waiting to rinse my hair dye out, I have been looking at stills from the new "Eclipse" movie. Is it wrong of me to be so hung up on how these characters look? Aren't they all supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous? That was part of the deal in the book, right?

I actually like Rosalie's hair and makeup here, but Emmett? Is he supposed to be a Vulcan visiting Forks in this movie?

No real problems with Esme here. Hopefully they remember to blend the foundation all the way up to her hairline in this flick, though. Carlisle, on the other hand, has a severe case of helmet-head - are you ready for some football!

For me, this is the worst one. I've said it before and I'll say it again -WHY, SUMMIT, WHY?!?! Alice's trademark wispy, spiky hair is some bob cut and I will not even comment on Jasper's hair.

If they had to give Jasper a slightly longer 'do, they should have done a little something like this...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twilight Explained - Sort of

Sadly, elements of this video make perfect sense. Case in point - Bella, or should I say Lego?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tempted by the Fruit of Another

I have been feeling guilty lately about something and I have to confess, Twilightland friends. I am hooked on another vampire book series!

It started out innocently, me wanting to just have something new to read when I get a spare minute. (What about Twilight, you ask? I read a good 10 minutes or more of the series every day, thank you!) I am looking at the discount books at K-mart and grab one called Blue Bloods. It's cheap, not a huge tomb, and isn't a teaching manual - sold! Once at home, I take it out and start reading. It's good, really good.

Cut to the end of that week and I have devoured all four existing books in the series. As I type, I anxiously await October so I can get my next Blue Bloods fix.

We all read other books, right? Well, this is a little different because this is a series about vampires. Who are teens. And there is a love triangle. Did I mention that werewolves are being added to the series eventually?

No sparkling in sunlight for these vamps, but I am completely intrigued with the author's concepts. Vampires are really angels that were cast out of heaven for following the Morningstar - Lucifer. They must live their lives out on Earth, helping civilization in order to try to win favor with the Almighty for a second chance at heaven.

Yes, they suck blood, but never drain people. It is supposed to be a holy, special kind of exchange between human familiar and vampire. Plus, they get reincarnated after every life cycle with memories that kick-in as they reach the age of 18. Many of the vamps can remember back to the Mayflower or even ancient Egypt.

Now, imagine all this, plus add a dash of teenage angst and self-discovery. Makes for an interesting mix. Especially when you are a rich, elite teen who finds out that you have super powers and need to suck blood to survive.

The whole new take on vampires has me thirsting for more, much like Twilight did. But rest assured friends, I may be tempted, but will never desert Twidom. After all, there is only one Edward.

It's ok, Big T. I know you'll always come back to me in the end.