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Monday, March 30, 2009

"Twilight" DVD Release Party

As you know, Twilight was released last weekend and we drove on down to Illinois to snag a copy of our very own at midnight. The festivities at Borders were ok, a bit too tame for our tastes, but overall, not bad. There was a book scavenger hunt, Twilight trivia, a raffle, and a special video from the cast of Twilight thanking their fans. You could also find out which Twilight character has a personality similiar to yours. Little T is most like Bella, C is similiar to Jasper, and Big T happens to be like 2 characters: Emmett and Jacob.

We met some nice other Twilighters, picked up several boxes of Twilight conversation hearts (the purple ones as disgusting, as per Big T), and Little T picked up a guy. You may know him; his name is Edward Cullen.

C, posing as Victoria, happily passes the time in line by reading
an Lolcats book.

Big T proudly displaying her "Twilight" DVD ticket. Notice the snowy owl behind
her, just like in the movie! Little T insists we mention that Big T attempted to
dress up like Alice, but it didn't really work out...

Little T as Bella, you know how clumsy that girl is.
Again Little T insists I add that you notice her cast is
real, not merely a prop.

Waiting in line for our own copy of "Twilight".

Big T and Little T were so excited about the
movie being released that they had to watch it
on the iPod. Big T forgot her good speakers at
work, so they ended up using Little T's iDog.
The darn thing kept barking, so we had to
pet it throughout the whole movie.

Please note: Big T does not normally sound like a Muppet on crack, but it was late. Enjoy C's jazz hands.

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