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Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Summer Stop: Drive-in Movie

Big T and Little T are avid drive-in movie fans. They try to go as often as possible in the summer, regardless of the movies that are playing. Edward has heard about this wondrous place from the two of them many times and finally decided that he must partake in the big screen experience.

Totally new to the concept, they had to have a pre-movie meeting. As hard as he tries, Edward can't always master the human act. He would have been perfectly content sitting on the cold ground or standing next to the car through both movies. Might as well put a blinking light over his head that reads, "Vampire".

After he was instructed to gather snuggly blankets, camping chairs, and a couple of pillows to add to the human charade, Edward graciously volunteered to be the snack packer. He remembered that humans like to munch on candy, popcorn, and other goodies during movies, so he packed the car full of junk food and the group was off to the show!

Upon their arrival at the drive-in, Edward got to meet a new friend - Jenny. Jenny, a dear pal of both Big T and Little T, quickly became enamored with the vampire Casanova after he offered her food and blankets and the two of them spent the evening chatting away.

Edward thoroughly enjoyed his night at the drive-in as he was surrounded by beautiful ladies on a star lite night, all while watching "Land of the Lost" and "Night at the Museum" on a giant screen.

Edward passing around the popcorn bowl before the movie begins.

Edward getting his flirt on with Jenny.

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