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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday, Taylor Lautner!

Little T is an Edward lover, through and through. Big T, her feelings are a bit more complicated. However, she recently found a magnet that perfectly explains it rather simply: I love Edward... until Jacob takes his shirt off.

Big T gets into playful arguments with the older girls at the school where she works about how she is going to marry Taylor Lautner and Little T gets Rob Pattinson (this is only arranged to avoid having the two sisters battle to death over who gets to have Rob). That plan wasn't really feasible until today, due to the fact that Big T is so much older than Taylor and he is underage to boot. But not anymore! Happy Birthday, Taylor!

In order to celebrate this special, special day, we had a party for the birthday boy, complete with cupcakes. May he survive the hoards of older Twilight fans that will now be stalking him and someday visit Kenosha to find the older girl of his dreams.

Just in case Taylor ever decides to change his look, he'll have a handy reference for "mustached" and "clown faced".

To be surrounded by Taylor Lautners - every girl's dream!

Hoodie Taylor - for those casual days.

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