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First, we want you all to know that we realize there is more to life than Twilight. We don't spend every waking moment talking and thinking about Twilight, but it is near and dear to our hearts.
Within this blog you will find our Twilight musings, declarations of adoration, and all sorts of other silly Twilight-related nonsense. And to all you other Twilight fans, we'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Twilight Tidbits


If you have a Twitter account, go sign up to follow Peter Facinelli (Carlisle)! If he reaches 500,000 followers by June 19, his friend has to walk around LA wearing an itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini. Did I mention this is a male friend? If poor Peter can't make his goal, he has to sacrifice his Twilight actor's chair to his pal who may do unspeakable things to it.

Twilight Board Game

Big T and Little T played the Twilight board game last night and the consensus was... blech! Totally not fun. The game is based only on the movie and Big T kept answering the trivia with info from the book. Could be good for a giggle, but only because of the cheese factor. Big T and Little T are already brainstorming ways to make a wicked cool New Moon board game - based on the book!


Be on the lookout for Adventures in Twilightland merchandise at We are opening a store to help pay for a pilgrimage to the motherland - Forks, Washington. Every purchase will help. We hope to have it up and running by next weekend at

Belated Birthday Wishes

Adventures in Twilightland's Little T recently celebrated her birthday. She was gallivanting across the South with Edward in tow, so look ahead to seeing some pics of their travels soon.

Next Spotlight
Please let us know what vampire you'd like us to spotlight next. Remember, we've already done Alice and Jasper. We wouldn't be opposed to non-vamp suggestions, either :)

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