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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

If you have ever met Big T, then you probably know about Etsy. No, it is not a disease - it is the BEST WEBSITE EVER! allows people to buy and sell handmade and vintage items. Big T loves the site so much that if Etsy were a man, she would be married to it and have dozens of crafty little babies.

While on one of her almost daily trolls of Etsy, Big T decided to do a Twilight search and came up with these interesting picks. A crafting site that sells Twilighty goodness - what could be more perfect?

Yes, the picture sucks - deal with it. Go order this coffee cozy right now from! There are more Twilight styles to choose from, but remember to give Jasper some love. For those of you that can't decipher the words: Do that again and I will so give you a paper cut right in front of Jasper.

Pair these hand-painted shoes from with the shirt listed below and you will be the Bella of the ball at this summer's Twi-Con! Other quotes and shoe colors are available.

So even Blythe doll collector's are Twilight fans! This four pack of shirts is available at Bet you could squeeze one of these bad boys on a small dog or cat, maybe even a neighborhood squirrel... yeah, a whole Edward Cullen army of squirrels! Sorry, drifted off there.
OME! You can get a personalized New Moon poster with your face in place of Bella's at You send in a pic and get a file back so it appears as if you are in the movie. Perhaps some fellas might even want to get in on this and become Edward or Jacob (have you seen Jacob's arms lately? Hot!).

This hooded shirt is available at She takes clothes and reconstructs them to make them even more awesome than they were originally. With the hood and long sleeves, it'd be a great shirt to wear on November 20.

Custom Edward Cullen stamp available at Put Edward's face all over your books, clothes, walls - the sky's the limit! I wonder how hard it was to sculpt a bouffant into a stamp...

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