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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Giving Back

Edward is now back from his vacation in Florida as he was hanging out with Little T and Big C the other day. I, however, have not seen hide nor hair of him. Our favorite little vampire must have read my last post and sensed my annoyance, though, because I got an interesting email from him this morning.

Seems Edward felt guilty about causing me such distress during our camping trip with the students and he wanted to prove to me that he isn't selfish and lazy. He wrote that upon further reflection of the situation, he wanted to make amends with me by mentoring student readers.

Oh Edward, you know me well. Doing something that encourages children to read is a sure way to my heart.

Edward and Jesse listen as Zane reads from "The Foot Book". Fun Fact: Edward is a big fan of Dr. Seuss and he owns a copy of every Seuss book printed!

Trying to help Zane figure out a word, Edward gives him a visual clue.

Zane, I'd be smiling too, if Edward was reading with me.

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