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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Twifecta of Baking - Cupcakes, Bacon, and Edward

Some time ago, I had a baking date with a friend. Baking isn't my forte. You can ask me all about Twilight and vampires, but what kind of butter you should buy when making cupcakes? There are different kinds of butter?*

Edward was going to stay home until I casually mentioned the items on my baking to-do list. Loaves of bread, cinnamon rolls, and cupcakes. More specifically, beer and bacon cupcakes.

Cupcakes alone are awesome, but when you add bacon - they are like a drug. Everyone loves bacon, right? Werewolves, zombies, demons, humans, vampires - no one is safe from bacon's delicious siren call.** The smell, the texture, the TASTE.

Once arriving at my friend's home, Edward was only too happy to volunteer his services so he could sink his fangs into a beer and bacon cupcake that much sooner.

Edward stirring the butter, brown sugar, and beer concoction that gets added to the cupcake batter. He kept sneaking sips from the beer bottle and telling us that Julia Child drank while she baked and look how great her food always turned out.

Edward wouldn't keep his paws out of the cheddar, bacon, and cream cheese frosting. This is the second batch he inhaled before we even frosted a single cupcake. And people think I'm obsessed with bacon.

Needing a break from all that stirring, Edward surveys Godzilla's progress on the cinnamon roll filling. I think he did pretty well for a guy with no arms.

About two seconds after this photo was taken, Edward dived into the cupcakes. He was rolling around, coating himself in cupcake and bacon, shouting "Mine, all mine!" No more beer for Edward while baking.

We were able to save a few of the cupcakes before Edward mangled them during his drunken shenanigans. Verdict: yummy, but can be improved upon. It was also decided that Edward may not participate in any baking sessions where alcohol or bacon are primary ingredients.

*Unspoiled! Just kidding, unsalted.
** Except for vegans and vegetarians. I think they are missing the bacon gene. That's ok. We still like them.

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  1. reference to this comment: "Edward dived into the cupcakes. He was rolling around, coating himself in cupcake and bacon". Hhhhmmm..forget about licking the bowl!!! Enough said. Love the Godzilla spray bottle. Hisses, Rockin Robin