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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blowing Off Some Steam

Having to work after decades of free time can really bring a guy down. After the initial shock of finding out that Edward has to actually work had worn off, us folks at Adventures in Twilightland felt sorry for the poor guy and treated him to a Polynesian getaway. Edward really liked the cruise. We found out he is a major fan of the movie "Titanic". The first few times he shouted out, "I'm king of the world!" was funny, but it got old fast.

Our first stop was the local petting zoo. Edward particularly enjoyed the flamingo exhibit. We had a couple of hairy moments as he wanted to munch on some of the animals. Everything turned out fine, though. Always prepared, Edward kept an umbrella on him at all times in case the sun broke through the clouds.

Little known vamp fact: Vampires like to get their drink on! We all know creatures of the night don't normally eat food or drink beverages besides blood, yet once in awhile they do enjoy adult beverages. Of course, they can drink way more than a human being which led to quite a high bar tab at the end of the evening.

Edward has a wicked sense of humor! First, he told Big C that he forgot his wallet back at the hotel and she would need to spot him a fiver. Then he suddenly remembered that he offered to buy the whole bar a round and she'd have to cover for him. He finally let her in on his little joke.

As a token of appreciation for his relaxing getaway, Edward bought everyone at Adventures in Twilightland a drink. Little A and J Man offered to share with Edward, but he politely declined.

We all walked back to the hotel together at the end of the evening and since vampires don't need to sleep, Edward decided to explore more of the island on his own. None of us know what he did the rest of that first night, but this is how we found him the next morning, chilling in the lobby.

More vacation fun later this week!

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