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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vacation Fun Continued

After a fun-filled evening, we all set off for the beach early the next morning. Lucky for us, it was unseasonably cold and cloudy so Edward could hang out. He insisted on bringing his "American Idol" towel and spent the morning going on and on about some Adam Lambert guy.

The sun came out for awhile so Little T quickly buried Edward in order to avoid a sparkling incident.

Edward serenaded Big T with the song "Just the Two of Us" while they built sandcastles together, although not in the sky.

Next stop was the local aquarium. It was not a good idea to bring a vampire with us since their presence scares away fish. All we ended up seeing was a bunch of underwater plants.

Our group decided to enjoy some night life at a local club where Edward got his freak on cage dancing.

Once again, Edward indulged in a few too many beverages. We learned Edward tends to get a little rough when he has tipped some back as he kept trying to manhandle J Man.
At the end of the evening we couldn't locate Edward anywhere until we went behind the club. There we found him involved in an illegal giant lizard/vampire wrestling contest. Edward was the odds on favorite, but his judgement was a little impaired after all the partying which caused him to stop in the middle of the match so he could get snuggly with Godzilla.

All in all, it was a fantastic vacation and we learned a lot about our favorite angst-ridden vampire, including his fondness for pop music, melodramatic movies, and adult beverages.
Edward was unaware that we were filming, but here he is trying to escape from Godzilla. Apparently the monster didn't know Edward isn't really into giant lizards and misinterpreted the cuddling.

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