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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And he's dancin' like he's never danced before...

Big T's co-workers recently threw her a surprise Golden Birthday party and they thoughtfully invited Edward.

Never one to turn down a party invitation, Edward arrived ready to rock. His island attire was perfectly suited for the luau-themed gathering and he wasted no time by immediately joining in the birthday festivities.

Edward insisted he get a pic with the birthday girl while he took a dance break. Who knew the fang boy liked to boogie?

As witnessed during our Polynesian getaway, Edward is not one to let an evening end early. So after the party broke up, he took Big T and a few friends to a local hot spot. Big T is not a big drinker (she prefers her pina coladas sans alcohol), but she did humor Edward by making a birthday wish on his flaming shots and blowing them out before he slammed them back.

After the Adventures in Twilightland gang saw Edward's behavior during this birthday bash, we can only imagine what he'll do in June when we celebrate Little T's big day.

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