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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Field Trippin'

Edward recently went on a school field trip to Quebec, Canada. He and his classmates got to discover the sights and sounds of Quebec City and Montreal for 4 days. Big T was actually asked to accompany the group as a chaperon and provided us with some pictures of Edward's adventures.
The students were not allowed to bring any kind of electronic devices on the trip besides cameras, so Edward had to check-in with the other Cullens via pay phone.

Getting to visit Parc de la Chute Montmorency was a trip highlight for Edward. He said years before he and Emmett had summer jobs in the area thinning forests for the paper industry. Apparently the boys would often visit the falls so they could ride over the edge into the water below. He tried to convince Big T to sneak back with him at night to give it a try, however, she politely declined. After all, she is merely a human.

One of Big T's favorite stops on the trip was the Biodome in Montreal. She had to stick to Edward like glue on the walk through each of the different environments in order to keep him from grabbing an animal to munch on. She suspects he probably managed to sneak a few nibbles since she had to drag him out of more than one fish tank during their tour.

Edward was a great tour guide in Montreal. Since he actually attended the 1976 Olympic Games, he was able to tell Big T all sorts of facts about the stadium and the impact the games had on the city as a whole. Of course he had to brag about the fact that none of the athletes that had competed would have been able to hold their own against a vampire, but he still enjoyed watching people from different nations come together with a common goal.

Edward's group spent a great deal of time on their tour bus. From Montreal to Quebec City was a three hour ride, not to mention the various stops in and around both cities. It was hard for Edward to be on the bus for long stretches of time, all the while pretending to be your average teenage boy. To remain inconspicuous, Edward channeled his inner teen human and would draw on sleeping kid's faces and sneak up on people to scare them while they were distracted.

The autophile forced Big T to snap a pic of him near the grill of the tour bus. Who knew they made Mercedes Benz buses?

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