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Friday, May 15, 2009

Spotlight on ... Jasper

Jasper is our next featured Cullen vampire for two reasons. You can't have Alice without her Jasper hovering in the vicinity and he happens to be Big C's favorite bloodsucker. She is particularly fond of the the movie version Jasper's tormented facial expressions. If you ever see Big C on the street, ask her to do a Jasper impression. It's quite good with all of the pain and bugged out eyes.

While Little T and I were chit-chatting about this post yesterday we decided that one of the traits we admire most about Jasper is his untamed nature. Yes, he can suppress that blood lust urge sometimes, but his control could be gone in a flash. Need I remind you of the birthday party incident?

Out of all of the Cullens, Jasper is the most flawed and that is hugely appealing to me because it allows you to relate to his character. In a world of perfect creatures, he is unique. Jazz (as his family sometimes calls him) is the only one in his clan who is an exceptionally skilled fighter and does not shun violence the way the rest of the family tends to do. Jasper is all about the intimidation, which again, isn't in line with the majority of his family's beliefs. To the human eye he is still rather beautiful, but vampires find him scarred, mutilated, and the mere sight of his battle ravaged body causes other vamps to become protective and defensive.

Though he needs to deal with all of that, he still has his Alice. That undying devotion and connection he maintains with Alice is a HUGE reason why all of the Adventures in Twilightland girls like Jasper. How can you not like a guy who cares more about making sure his true love is safe during a mega battle than he does for his own safety? And we don't know how he does it, but you will barely ever find Alice out of Jasper's reach. Any time a problem pops up - Bam! - he is there for his special lady.

The ability to control and sense emotions is another unique trait Jasper possesses. Alice is a special girl, so you can't expect anything less from her sweetie. He was able to help during all the Bella drama many times by temporarily soothing her and sensing the emotional climate of others. I'm thinking Jasper has to be pretty emotionally strong in order to process all the negative feelings he has to deal with from others. I wonder if he ever learned to block it out the way Edward does with his mind reading....

So next time you are reading your Twilight saga books, remember to give Jasper a little more love.

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