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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best of Both Worlds - Edward Edition

Today's Etsy picks focus on our main man, Edward Cullen! Without further ado...

Frankly, I think this sock zombie ala Edward is spot-on: messy bronze hair that is calling out for you to run your fingers through it, golden eyes that leave you speechless with their beauty, plus his stylish pea coat and pale skin. Biggest bonus: it's a puppet! Available from underroos.

Even equines cannot resist the hotness that is Edward Cullen! Now I won't mind so much when my niece asks me to start playing "My Little Pony" with her when she's older. Available from Wendypony.

Granted , this purse is not as fabulous as my Edward purse, but it is adorable enough to use every day. And it is perfect when you need to infiltrate a Twilight-haters gathering and want to covertly bring a little bit of EC with you. Available from Phesine.

This is how I imagine Edward would look during his honeymoon on Isle Esme. You know, that "Let's take a midnight dip" look. Why not invite your Twilighty friends to a "Breaking Dawn" midnight release party with these bad boys? Available from aeworldsapart.

BTW, my cheeky monkey of a sister, Little T, is insinuating that I would do tawdry things with the Jasper rubber duckie. Not so. I would merely enjoy washing and styling those flowing locks as I soak in the tub. If it were the Edward duckie, that would be a completely different story...

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