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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of Both Worlds - Topless Edition

What inspired this one, you ask? I noticed that Little T posted something about finding an Edward rubber ducky for on Etsy. BTW, there is one and he just doesn't do it for me like the Jasper duck. I didn't post him here because his hairline gives me the wiggins, no pun intended.

That made me wonder if there were any other odd Twilight inspired toys on Etsy. Which led me to find a couple of interesting items, both which happened to feature man nips. And that made me wonder if anyone ever posted items labeled "Twilight nipples." Yep, someone did.

His lips are a bit too Angelina Jolie for me, but working with wool roving can be a total pain in the bum sometimes, so I'd give this Etsy artist an (A) for effort. Available from gimpyvicki123

Who needs a plushie with arms when you can have one with man nips and a 4 pack? Available from telahmarie

I wonder if Alice packed some of these for Bella to use on her honeymoon... Available from CheesecakeBurlesque

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