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Sunday, May 16, 2010

This could be disasterous

Stop everything, people! Have you heard what Summit may be doing? The chatter in the caf is that Kellan Lutz and Ashley Green will not be in anymore Twilight movies after "Eclipse".

Why, you ask? Kellan and Ashley are asking for some more moola to be in "Breaking Dawn" seeing as Summit is making heaps 'o' dough off the Twilight Saga flicks. Summit has supposedly offered them a "very generous sum" and feels that the actors are being greedy. There is serious talk of them dumping the two actors to "make an example" and show the other cast and crew members that Summit doesn't mess around.

I am so hoping that this is false, but several Twilight fandom bloggers have been doing mega research in regard to this rumor and all signs point to this being true.

Summit, I will still see the movie, but I am not going to accept someone else playing Emmett or Alice. It's bad enough what you did to Victoria (whenever I see the new Victoria in the movie trailers I cringe), but to take away Kellan and Ashley would be a HUGE mistake.

Heck, think of the merchandising issues they'd have! This could very well end up being Summit's biggest mistake.

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  1. That is horrible.... Ashley makes the perfect Alice and Kellen makes the best Emmit... what are they thinking? They should just pay them what they deserve!