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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hot bag of crap

It has been confirmed on several occasions that I am a geek. Though I am not a supreme grandmaster of superheroes, I can hold my own fairly well. Same with Star Wars. Buffy and Twilight - don't make me bust out the kung-fu on you because I will totally pwn you, fool.

Another example of my geekitude is the fact that in the summer I work at the local renaissance faire. Costume and all, baby. I don't really like being a patron, except for the food and fire whip performer (hello, gorgeous!), but I love interacting with the customers and work for a really cool chick. And today her coolness points skyrocketed.

There was a package on the counter at work today. Since I haven't ordered anything lately, I didn't think there was a snowball's chance in hell that it would be for me - but I was wrong! Tucked inside the package was a card and a purse.

I flipped the purse over and Edward's eyes peered up at me. I started laughing so much I teared up and opened the card. My ren boss (and friend) had written: "Here's a hot bag full of crap."
Curious, I open the bag and inside is a piece of soap shaped like crap. Literal crap.

Cherie, you are so flippin' awesome!!!

I will be posting a photo of my beloved Edward purse soon, if someone can pry it out of my hands long enough to take a pic.

-Big T

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