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Monday, May 31, 2010

Would if I could

I am merely entertaining these ideas because:
1: The sister I am referring to reads this blog though she is no fan of Twilight - weirdo. Not for reading the blog, but because she doesn't like the Twidom.
2. I am tired of studying and taking a brain break.
3. My mother would KILL Little T and I. Even Edward would not be able to save us from her fury.

One of our sisters is getting married come August, I think. The card is on the fridge and I am much too lazy to go look. No, I'm right because I have to take a day off from my weekend job to attend. Anyway... this sister has made Twilight verboten at the wedding. I am sad, but am forced to respect her wishes. I think she is worried Edward will be prettier than her, but then again, he is prettier than everyone, so really, it is a moot point.

If I were completely evil - hypothetical, not going to really happen - these are the things I would do to sneak Twilight into the wedding.

1. Replace the cake topper with Edward and Bella action figures.
2. Wrap my wedding gift in pages from "Breaking Dawn."
3. Have the d.j. play the entire soundtrack from "Twilight", "New Moon", and "Eclipse" at the reception. Note to self: May still attempt this one.
4. Sneak an Edward cardboard cut-out into the reception (I do have some giant purses...) and follow the photographer around to photo bomb as many pictures as possible.
5. Bribe anyone who is going to give a toast at the reception so they use random quotes from the book series in their speech. Extra money to the individual who uses one of my favorite phrases from the movie - ask Little T. She knows.

One last time - I WON'T REALLY DO THESE. But I am looking for more ideas, just in case...

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