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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Would this be too creepy?

I bought a new book last night about casting with resin and how to make my own silicone molds in case I ever decide to get my butt in gear and resume the garden decoration business I used to run with my friend. He was the sculptor and mold maker, so I am trying to learn all the ins and outs of making mother molds.

Anyhoo, as with everything these days, my mind thought of Twilighty possibilities. The book was very explicit as to how to create easy molds and I thought, "What if I take an Edward action figure, rip off his head, and create tiny Edward face necklaces!"

Most of you are probably seething with rage that I would dare defile an Edward action figure, but think of the greater good, people! You could wear Edward on your neck, ears, or hands and not have people ask you why you have a full-size plastic doll tied to your waist.

Here is an example of something kinda, sorta similar to what I am thinking of doing.

Ken necklace created by Margeux Lange

So, would little Edward face necklaces be too out there fellow Twilighters?

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