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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silly, silly merchandisers

Raise your hand if you have noticed that with each new Twilight Saga movie released, there is a glut of new merchandise available. Now raise your hand if you noticed that there are more and more items being sold under the Twilight name that have NOTHING to do with the movie and/or book. I count more than five hands in the air, so that is a majority of our readers.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why they allow people who have no interest in the saga to create products to be sold to the masses. Granted, some of us will drool over just about anything that has Edward's pretty, pretty face on it (case in point, the purse), however, most of us aren't going to buy something just because it has the words "Twilight" in the product name.

Due to the astronomical number of merchandising items available to us, I am only going with clothing for this post. In my opinion, the biggest offender of trying to con the masses is Nordstrom's.

Look at this stuff, people. All from the Nordstrom's "Twilight" line of apparel. Besides featuring black, white, and red, prominent colors appearing on the covers of the books, there is not an iota of vampire or wolfy goodness in any of these clothes. Maybe some of the characters wear similar outfits in the movies, but even that is a stretch.

Especially those denim leggings - gak!

I'm just glad at least Hot Topic understands the concept of linking the theme with the product.

Team Switzerland, for when you feel the love for fire and ice!

Is anyone else glad that Boo Boo Stewart kid who is playing Seth Clearwater isn't featured on this shirt? He looks like a toddler compared to these guys (and gal) and kind of reminds me of Justin Beiber.

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